Are you interested in our services but have a few questions first? Maybe one of the following frequently asked questions could help!

How Do We Contact You?

At this time, our services are not being offered. That said, if you’re interested in reaching out, you can at jeremy.grifski@therenegadecoder.com.

When Will You Begin Offering Services?

Currently, the business operates as a side hustle with plans to launch officially in Fall 2022. If you’re already interested in our services, feel free to reach out.

What Kind of Tech Stack Do You Use?

For services related to building a brand, we typically make use of WordPress, a popular website development tool. That said, we have experience with basic web development, so accommodations could be made to use other services depending on customer needs.

For services related to documentation, we typically use a combination of GitHub pages (i.e., Jekyll) and Read the Docs. Again, depending on customer needs, accommodations can be made to publish documentation in other forms.

How Do You Update Existing Websites?

If your website is currently managed by a third party, this process can be somewhat painful. Generally, we’ll ask that you get the domain transferred to us before we confirm any quotes. If that is not possible, we can get you a new domain at no cost to you.

If you currently manage your website, we are happy to meet you where you are to make changes.