Document Your Brand

Do you have some Python code that you’d like to document? The Renegade Coder is here to help! With our Document Your Brand service, we’ll bring proper API documentation to all of your users starting at $499.


The Document Your Brand service helps you provide API documentation on a codebase of any size. As a part of this service, we guarantee:

  • Documentation for all public modules, classes, and functions
  • Version history tracking

In addition to these benefits, you will also receive:

  • FREE site analytics through Plausible (e.g., see The Renegade Coder)
  • FREE hosting
  • FREE domain

All of these features are FREE for the first year. After that, we’ll offer them to you for $99/year.


Not quite ready to commit to quality documentation? Here are some examples of modules that we’ve documented:


If you reach out today, your project could appear in this list too!