Site Revival is a small online marketing business by The Renegade Coder. If you’re a business owner looking to improve your online reach, we’re here to help!

We currently offer a three different web development services depending on your needs. If you have an old website, we offer our Revive Your Brand service which will bring your site into the 21st century. Alternatively, if you’ve never had a website, we’re happy to get you on your feet with our Digitize Your Brand service. Finally, if you’re a developer looking to publish some documentation, we can help with that as well in our Document Your Brand service. In any case, you’ll only pay $499 for the first year and $99 every year after that.

Because we believe in the value of our work, we offer all the knowledge you might need to provide these services yourself for FREE over at The Renegade Coder.


Site Revival Services

Revive Your Brand
Digitize Your Brand
Document Your Brand