Digitize Your Brand

Do you have a website idea that you’d like to make reality? The Renegade Coder is here to help. With our Digitize Your Brand service, we’ll bring any brand to the 21st century with a fresh website with up to 5 static pages for $499.


The Digitize Your Brand service helps you build out your brand with a website with up to 5 static pages. As a part of this service, we guarantee:

  • Excellent lighthouse scores (e.g., SEO, performance, accessibility, etc.)
  • Excellent security using an SSL certificate (i.e., https)

In addition to all these benefits, you’ll also receive:

  • FREE site analytics through Plausible (e.g., see The Renegade Coder)
  • FREE hosting
  • FREE domain

All of these features are FREE for the first year. After that, we’ll offer them to you for $99/year.


Not quite ready to commit to a new site? Here are some examples of sites that we’ve digitized:

Jeremy Grifski PortfolioPlausible
The Renegade CoderPlausible
Trill TrombonePlausible

If you reach out today, your site could appear in this list too!